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Garage Door Tune Service

Why your garage door needs a tune up at least once every year.

garage-door-tune-up-in-burke-vaLiving in Burke Virginia is very exciting especially when winter comes around. As a family, you enjoy the snow and do a lot activites. With all the fun that goes on around here, we also have to prepare to take care of ourselves and our property during the cold weather. One of the things we recommend to home owners is to get their garage door tuned up at least once every year. Garage doors, when they’re in perfect working condition is so helpful during the winter season. You don’t have to get out into the cold before you get into your car and that’s a huge benefit.

Also, insulated garage doors do come in handy here as well. We’ve realized in our survey of home owners that call into us for emergency services during the winter, majority of them are customers that neglect to tune up their garage doors during the winter and summer times of the year.

Getting your garage door tuned up is quite simple, you can either do it your self or contact our friendly Garage door repair Burke VA support staff to schedule a tune up appointment for you. When we do a garage door tune up, we recommend using a white lithium grease that penetrates and keeps the metal to metal parts lubricated over a long period of time. We also recommend spraying on all the garage door hinges, garage door rollers and garage door springs. Check the ball bearings on the rollers to make sure that they’re in good condition and if you find any problems with them, contact us immediately to get our tune up package for $129 which includes roller replacement or check our garage door maintenance packages from

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